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Baking Paper - Product List

Oddy Baking Paper

Food Grade Paper

It is also called Parchment paper, Grease proof paper, Butter paper. Baking paper is developed for use in food industry wherever baking is required.

Oddy baking paper helps in enhancing the quality of taste & physical appearance of baked product.
1. It acts as physical barrier to grease.
2. It has excellent non stick properties.
3. It has high heat resistance.
4. It has excellent wet strength /resistance.
5. It has excellent heat penetration.

Oddy baking paper is made of 100% pur cellulose. it is Biodegradable & recyclable, Pure & safe for direct contact with food.

Key Benefits of using baking paper.
1. Clean surface: It will keep your baking trays cleaned at         all times. Enhances quality of taste & physical appearance     of baked product.
2. Eliminating the need of greasing / oiling the trays.
3. Economical reusable upto 7 times.
4. Saving time in cleaning chores.
5. Saving cost of cleaning detergents & manpower.
6. Saving water.

Baking paper allows even distribution of heat thus allowing bake quality better. This make your product better than any product available in the market.


Genuine vegetable parchment/Grease Proof Paper is widely used by professional bakers and home cooks to ensure that products don’t stick to the tray when cooked at high temperature. Totally pure, with no hidden chemicals, it is a perfect material for direct contact with food. It is a natural barrier to grease and resistant up to 230°C, making it ideal for baking and bakery packaging.

It is procured from world's leading producer of genuine vegetable parchment, a unique, totally natural paper made from cellulose. Its unique properties make it the ideal substrate for baking, food packaging, furniture laminates, tubes and cores, industrial processing and graphic art.
Our high-performance baking papers eliminate the need to grease baking trays. They simplify cleaning and improve hygiene. We developed our range to accommodate the differing needs of traditional bakeries, supermarkets, take-away pizza and fast-food restaurants.
Ideal for dairy and food wrapping, genuine vegetable parchment protects from light, oxygen, water, vapor and impurities. This material is pure, hygienic and acts as a natural barrier to grease even when wet. It is perfectly suitable for direct food contact and ensures that no loose fibers stick to the product. It is the ideal substrate for wrapping yellow fats and packaging greasy, sticky or wet products.


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